There’s a hole in the world tonight….

Father’s Day sucks. So does Mother’s day, birthdays, Christmas and New Years Eve. But Father/Mother’s day are the worst.

Our only child, Steve died of cancer three years ago. We have no grandchildren, so the “HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY” greetings of the day are….less than welcome.

DH spent a quiet day….he didn’t even go out and weed whack today…something he would normally do on a Sunday afternoon.

In the evening he turned off the TV and started playing the music files on his computer, a rare event. It was both cathartic and painful.

We both bopped to “Hawaiian Roller Coaster,” the theme song from Lilo and Stich, and one of the few movies that Steve was able to get me to sit through.

We laughed when Chumbawumba’s “We get knocked down” came on, and the memory of Steve’s amazement that we thought the lyrics said “I get knocked down, by an elephant….”

But I totally lost it when the Eagles queued up and started playing “There’s a hole in the world.”

A friend recently asked “Does it (the pain of loss ) get better?” and I replied “No, just different.” But the title of the song is the best description: There’s a hole in the world tonight.