TTY help

So, Dad is deaf, lives alone and recently lost access to his land-line (something to do with a software change at his condo community: all three-hundred land-line only users have no phone service and AT& T has apparently been less than helpful). He cannot hear through a cell phone due to hearing-aid interference.

So he bought a Jitterbug phone, enabled the hearing-aid compatibility and downloaded the Hamilton Caption app. He enabled RTT (real-time texting). I sent him a bone-conduction headset (because he tells me no audiologist had ever done bone-conduction testing on him…..).

…..and we’ve gotten nowhere. He can hear the phone ring, but can’t hear my voice. No captions appear when I try to call him. I have set my phone to TTY HVO (for someone hearing trying to call a non-hearer).


He is beyond frustrated, and angry at finding himself in this situation well into his 10th decade of life, and I am too un-knowledgeable about the technology to help him.

So I’m asking you….any clues to help set up his Jitterbug with already enabled RTT/Hamilton Capture app. Help and old woman help her even older old man!