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The Buttercups

I nearly passed right by it. Taking an early spring hike, we found there was still a considerable amount of snow on the ground, so we put on our snowshoes and trudged up the hill, maneuvering over the slushy drifts. The wet, soft snow was difficult to move through, and we had to step carefully to avoid tripping. Climbing to the top of the ridge, I stopped to rest and catch my breath. Below us, Continue reading


Tonight (on the eve of my 70th birthday), DH and watched The New York City Ballet Nutcracker production. It was magical. Why? Because we weren’t in the live audience. Years ago, we took our young son Steve to a live ballet performance in Phoenix.  We considered ourselves very lucky to snag tickets in the second row. Did you know that ballet dancers sweat?  And when they leap into the air, they land with a THUD. Continue reading


I woke this am with a song from South Pacific running through my head. On the way to work I was astounded by this double rainbow (and the while-driving-photo does NOT do it justice….). Just felt like sharing…..  

I fought the horse…..

I intended to do a beach day yesterday, but the (very long) grass needed to be attended to. So I reluctantly mounted the red Toro Timecutter and set off, telling myself I could beach another day this week. Big Red had other ideas though, and threw off its cutter belt, necessitating a trip to big box store to get one….and since I was in town I also picked up a few groceries. Adding a small Continue reading


Another PSA: Youtube and Youtube TV (among others) have been problematic on our Roku tv. Constant buffering, sound lagging behind video by several seconds made for very unpleasant viewing. So, as is my wont, I delved deep into Dr. Google and found….in a link buried in a link that linked to another link…..this: “Clear the Roku’s cache. On your Roku remote, press Home five times, Up once, Rewind two times, and Fast Forward two times Continue reading

TTY help

So, Dad is deaf, lives alone and recently lost access to his land-line (something to do with a software change at his condo community: all three-hundred land-line only users have no phone service and AT& T has apparently been less than helpful). He cannot hear through a cell phone due to hearing-aid interference. So he bought a Jitterbug phone, enabled the hearing-aid compatibility and downloaded the Hamilton Caption app. He enabled RTT (real-time texting). I Continue reading