Hit me with your best shot…..

Today is the fifth anniversary of my son Steve’s death from cancer. Some of you may recall the story I wrote about finding a poem he had written to me while I was organizing my music files about a year after his death.

Today, as we are preparing to move the music equipment upstairs to the new “music lanai,” I again was sorting through my….again….hopelessly unorganized music.

Our friend Michael Purdue is a gifted musician. He plays, sings and writes.  And he tolerated my half-assed musical “ability” in our band, Hali’a. But he and his wife Lynne moved away, leaving a hole behind.

And in that hopelessly unorganized music I found two songs written by him. One spoke of Steve’s death, and the other of how he would miss us.

And, like Steve’s poem, I swear I had never seen either of these pieces before.

DH was startled to come upstairs and find me sobbing….