Never Mind….

So yesterday was Pentecost, and I started to write a blog that addressed both the day, and the recent unrest following the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis.

I tried to compare the Pentecost story of people of every nation and tongue hearing God’s word in their own language….some of those listeners coming from places that certain of us would call “Shitholes.”

I tried to relay my own angst about the plight of those who suffer unfairly because of their skin color, or who they love, or how they look.

And after staring at my keyboard for what seemed like an eternity, I acknowledged to myself that I am an elderly, white, affluent, straight woman who has never, and is unlikely to ever, experience ANY of the injustices that define everyday life for millions, and anything I might have to say is of no help to anybody.

The best I can do is to repeat the words of one of my running-forum friends:

“I swear to God, the human race is a failed experiment”