I fought the horse…..

I intended to do a beach day yesterday, but the (very long) grass needed to be attended to. So I reluctantly mounted the red Toro Timecutter and set off, telling myself I could beach another day this week.

Big Red had other ideas though, and threw off its cutter belt, necessitating a trip to big box store to get one….and since I was in town I also picked up a few groceries. Adding a small bag of carrots to my cart, I anticipated that the horses and goats who live in the field at the top of our hill (next to the road I need to drive down to get home) would enjoy the treat.

Well, the goats were picky and didn’t bite, but the horses (one in particular) were very excited.

So excited that one of them knocked the carrot out of my hand while trying to take it. It fell to the ground. I bent down to get it. The hungry horse also bent down to get it…..knocking my eyeglasses (on top of my head) and my sunglasses (over my eyes) off. And whether it was the glasses or the force of the horse’s head hitting mine, I sustained a skin tear right above my eye. It bled profusely.

I wiped the blood off, drove down the road and came into the house where DH, seeing my face with blood running down it cried “What happened?!”  “I got into a fight,” I replied.

Now, DH knows I often need to suppress my inner Karen. He immediately envisioned me taking cuts at the grocery store and setting off an altercation. Or digitally expressing my dislike of another driver’s skills. So he breathed a sigh of relief when I told him I fought the horse and the horse won.

Which means, no beach for me this week (one should not swim with open cuts!!!)