Lost and Found: A Poem For Lisa’s Birthday

Every being spends time at the lost and found.

You know that place where one glove…..or one earring

Or one relationship is thrown into a box in a closet

Because one person threw it away or misplaced it or didn’t notice it slipping away.


And you can come into the lost and found and search through the boxes

To find a matching purple sock or a green hair bow

Or the words to say “I’m sorry” or “I miss you.”


Sometimes the pain of what was lost

Is all encompassing, and though you rifle and dig about in all the boxes

“It” cannot be found…or fixed.


But by serendipity (or grace), occasionally you bump into the rack

And a box falls off the shelf into your arms, and you open the box to

Find a perfect match right on top.


And it is just what-or who-you needed at just the right time.