Blood and fluid poured from his wounded side….

…because I couldn’t stop Akamai the wonderdog from pouncing.

The Madagascar gecko was crawling on my gitalele, which I had hung from the music stand hook when I took a break from practicing outside. When I again picked it up and saw the lizard, I tried to move him to a different surface, but he jumped to the floor, and the dog tried to have him for lunch.

I reached to pick him up, but noted the teeth gashes on both sides of his abdomen, obviously inflicted by the dog, and knew the poor thing could not survive that. I got the dog away, and left the gecko to his fate.

That was almost two weeks ago.

Today, while sitting at the lanai dining table, a small gecko approached and looked up at me. Deep healing wounds were visible on both sides of his abdomen.

It has been another trying week. Our mortgage refinance, started more than two months ago, is troublesome because FannieMae has (in the last week) changed all the rules for self-employed applicants. I broke the riding lawn mower-again. We ran out of water and are having difficulty finding anyone to deliver to us. Our snowbird winter residents are unable to go home as all flights to or within Canada have been grounded. (We don’t care, but they are anxious to get home!)

It gave me great joy, therefore, to have this resurrected gecko give me the eye. In his wounds, I found some healing.