Don’t it always seem to go….

….that you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.

Like refrigeration. Hawaii is hard on appliances. The constant humidity and resulting rust leads to….premature evisceration of appliances.

So it wasn’t really a surprise when we noted over the weekend that things in the freezer compartment weren’t as solid as they should have been. And knowing that living on a lava spewing (tho not currently) rock two thousand miles from anywhere is problematic in the best of times when it comes to shopping choices, with the current Covid 19 supply chain problems exacerbating that limitation, we went off to the Big Orange one (no, not him….) to find what was immediately available.

There wasn’t much, and we couldn’t get it for another five days. On our return home, I looked at the kitchen and said the words that will always strike fear into the heart of DH: “You know what would be nice?….”

So we have embarked on a semi-urgent, subtotal kitchen remodel: changing the site for the (soon to arrive) new refrigerator, replacing the flooring that had been damaged by an even earlier failed fridge that leaked and damaged the wood, re purposing and repositioning cabinets to accommodate the refrigerator move, and ordering new (finally) matching countertops.

So now, not only the freezer is dead, but today the fridge stopped cooling also, and we are drinking warm beer and wine (how very continental of us…..), and I moved as much of the MUST BE REFRIGERATED stuff to the (very small) dorm fridge out on the lanai as I could stuff in there-which means that much will go into the compost pile.

Joni Mitchell would understand.