It was either a brilliant move….

….or one of the stupidest things I have ever done.
On Sunday a small Boston Terrier ran in front of my car as we drove to church. I slammed on the brakes….and hit the dog. The large pickup behind me….hit us.

Fortunately no one in either car was seriously injured, and the dog up and ran away. The truck driver and I looked things over, decided that neither of us were interested in “doing anything,” shook hands and drove away.

It wasn’t till later that day that I realized that my hatchback no longer fully closed: there was a 1 1/2 inch gap at the top on both sides: the entire rear end had been pushed in about 2 inches. Having had a fender-bender in the work parking lot last month…..I did NOT want another claim. (Mom-in-law just had her insurance cancelled for all things, using it!)

I knew the repair would be upwards of $5000, and so decided to put some weatherstripping along the edge to keep the rain out. And I mourned the damage to my cute little orange car….

Today I got out of work a bit early. I was headed to Long’s for some of their sales items, and planned a long run when I got home. As I neared the store, a car pulled along side, pointed to my “bumps” and the driver said “we can fix that, cheap and fast!”

I had them follow me to the parking lot, and showed them the full damage. “What do you want to pay?” he asked…..” $1800 I said. We agreed. They took my car. I took theirs. They called me 2 hours later, and said “Done, come and get it.” It WAS done. The hatch closes…the bump is bumped out. The rain will stay where it belongs: on the outside!

My insurance deductible is $1500. But for $300 more, it was done, quickly, claim free….

….and my husband of 38 years can’t believe I did that.

Neither can I .

And I didn’t run cause I was too worried about what I might have just done…..