The Bellero Shield

Many years ago (um, 48 to be exact…) and long before my TV and movie phobia manifested itself, I used to watch the show “Outer Limits.” One episode has literally haunted me for all those 48 years. An altruistic, benign alien comes to earth and someone tries to kill it. It produces a protective shield. The would-be killer manages to use the shield for herself, but is unable to lower it and becomes trapped behind it. The alien frees her from the shield, sacrificing his own life in the process. The guilt-ridden woman then finds herself trapped behind a perpetual shield of her own imagination-never again able to touch another human.

Today on FB, some friends were discussing hugs: how they are missed, who gives the best ones, and how wonderful it will be when we can hug one another again.

And there- immediately- was that Outer Limits episode bouncing around in my brain….. Will we ever really be free to hug each other again or are we doomed to live forever behind that “Bellero Shield” of isolation?

…and ain’t it amazing how just a few keywords for Google found the exact episode from half-a-century ago…..