Vog: volcanic emissions + fog.  Although not likely unique to Hawaii, it’s certainly the only place we’ve ever experienced it.  We are fortunate, in that the active volcano, Kilauea, is due south of us, and the prevailing trade winds usually blow it off to the west. However, when the trade winds die, the volcano emits sulfuric acid which combines with the moisture in the air (fog) and the junk settles like an umbrella over the entire island.

And gives me a headache.  I don’t get headaches often, but when I do I whimper and try to cower in a corner….avoiding people, conversations, patients, families….

The vog has been present for 3 days. My headache is not responding to tylenol, ibuprofen, advil, wine……

Forecast is for increasing winds in the next few days….

Pray for us……because Chele with a headache is NOT a pretty thing….