Life’s a Beach

The sky was blue, the sun warm and it was my day off… to Richardson’s Beach we went.  At 9:45 am when we arrived, we had the entire place to ourselves (and two lifeguards….).

As the morning wore on, a few people arrived, the “boat people”-from the cruise ship-came through on their whirlwind Roberts of Hawaii bus tour.  They took pictures and left.

A pair of men set their towels next to our chairs, donned their snorkel gear and went into the water.

A woman walked onto the beach. We stared.  She was wearing a bikini (about 3 sizes too small), a wool scarf around her neck, and knee high boots with black fur and pompoms dangling from the front zipper. These were NOT fashion boots–these were middle of winter, walk to work in the sleet, keep my feet warm and rubber-soled to keep me from falling on the ice boots. She spread her towel in front of us, sat down, lit a cigarette, took a beer out of her small cooler, and spent the next two hours touching up and re-touching up her makeup with a large handheld mirror and makeup kit which contained dozens of different eye shadows and lip glosses. We went into the water….in order to keep ourselves from staring more.

The two men returned from the water and sat down. They chatted, and since they were so close to us, we couldn’t help but overhear.  “Yeah, in Elko I did,” said one. “But not in Fallon.”  “My house in Southfork…”  I’m not one to barge in to a conversation….but what were the odds that two men from our hometown would sit next to us on a beach 2500 miles away on a Tuesday morning?  “Elko, Nevada?” I asked, and when they confirmed it, we chatted about “home” and found that one of them had a house just up the bluff from our dear friend C’s “man cave” at Southfork reservoir.

No great witty punchline here….it was just an interesting day at the beach.  But, we didn’t ask the woman about her home town…..