There’s No Place Like Home….

L had told us “don’t leave all your stuff behind…there is something sacred about putting your old treasures into your new home!”  We had told her our plans to sell just about everything when we moved from Nevada to Hawaii, thinking that all that old Victorian fru-fru stuff would look incongruous here.

She was right, of course. It was like Christmas opening each box in our seacontainer to find dishes, paintings and a few treasured chachkes.

Yesterday, we set up the Christmas tree.  Oh, what joy there was as we unwrapped each ornament. In thirty-three years of marriage we have collected an eclectic mix of decorations.  Our tree includes some blown glass birds with ragged feather tails…..casualties of annual packing away….and the small brass figure of a boy with a baseball cap–engraved with the date of DS’s birthday, and given us as a gift at his first Christmas. It also hosts a dried starfish sporting a little sign which says “Mele Kalikimaka,” a souvenir of our first trip to Hawaii years ago.

This year, in deference to our iffy solar power system, DH only placed four strings of lights, as opposed to his usual ten.

But, the magic of Christmas trees always surpasses any limitations of power, and even with the limited lights, the tree is lovely…..and tells us we are home.  Even the dogs seemed to recognize that the tree signals a special time of year (and they are already nosing under it to see if there are special smells in special packages…..).

Next year, we will invest in some solar Christmas lights!!