Rita Rae, they done ya proud!

….the choir did.  Since the REAL musician left, I have tried to hold the fort as defaulty  (pun  intended…) organist.  Though I am essentially a cocktail lounge keyboardist….playing melody line and chords, I thought we (the choir) could still pull off a couple anthems for Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols.

I can’t play the parts….I was too lazy to learn all that hard stuff…, but the Worship Today website has a rehearsal studio that allows the choir members to listen and learn their parts by “home schooling.”  And they did!

Using the karaoke cds provided by our Worship Today subscription, the choir did to me what they always managed to do to RRS:  bring me to tears.  Of joy, that is

No, it wasn’t Rita Rae playing and directing….but I know she would have been blushing with pride at what “her” choir accomplished tonight…