People, Places and Things We Love

Hen Apron to prevent rooster treading

I noted that one of my pretty Australops (a black Orpington) was losing all the feathers just anterior to her tail, and that her skin was scratched and irritated. A quick search gave me the answer. SHE was HIS favorite, and so his spurs were gouging her skin and tearing out her feathers. Well, another…

You’re One of Us

A new acquaintance noticed the tattoo on at my front left shoulder. “Is that a rhino with a mustache?” he asked. I explained that the rhino was my deceased son’s mascot, and that my son had a luxuriant handlebar mustache of which he was very proud, and I wanted a tat to memorialize him. “I…


Apparently, the “new girl” is part of the family: Lily and Ewalani spoon during a nap…..  

Metal Ships….on the water….

Today, while driving home along the Hamakua coast, I noted some military looking ships heading north. On arriving home, they were just passing by. We don’t have a naval base on this island, and so seeing these three ships passing by was…..unusual.

All Creatures…

….great or small were blessed on St. Francis Day. On that Sunday, the church was filled with barks, meows, chirps and gurgles as the congregation brought their furry/scaled/feathered friends to church. Ewalani the puppy princess was there to oversee the festivities:

My gecko guide

This cute little guy seemed to be questioning my driving skills……..appropriately I guess, since I was driving and taking his picture at the same time!    


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