About The Hroost

Long ago, in a city far away……….DH met CK and they fell in love, got married and became DH and CH. And they fell into a wedding/jobbing band where she played keyboards and he played drums. And they moved from Michigan to Phoenix. And then to Reno. And then to Elko, Nevada.

In the meantime they continued to play in various bands-finally creating and playing in the Faith Alive band–a contemporary Christian band-which led services at Faith Lutheran Church in Elko, NV. And they worked. And raised their son. And finished college/professional school.

He decided he wanted to start painting. She studied theology and filled in as the sermonizer when pastor was out of town.

One day, DH said to CH: “Can we retire to Hawaii?” CH replied (expletive deleted….) “…….NO! I’ll never earn enough to be able to retire there!” “Can’t you get a job there?” Long pause. “I suppose I could…..” and I did.

And so they (which is we…..) now live on the beautiful Hamakua coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, in an off-grid home. I am a Hospitalist. He runs the Hroost Hranch-about 2 acres of banana, guava, pineapple, citrus, coffee and veggies. And he paints.

And (until Covid-19 hit….)we sang in the choir at church, and with our band Hali’a

Son (DS) overcame those…difficult…teen years to become an incredible young man. A talented young man. A generous young man. A creative young man. A unique blend of artistic talent and techy geekdom, he created, as a birthday gift to mom, this site of blogs, art, photos and an occasional sermon or two.

DS has since died due to a horrible cancer…..this site lives on: a tribute to the beautiful man that he was.