Flora of Hawaii


Netted Stinkhorn Mushroom

  Found this um….unusual….specimen as I walked out our back gate. The netted stinkhorn (so named because it smells of rotten manure) is apparently grown extensively throughout Asia for its edible stalk. I don’t think I’ll add it to our dinner stew…..


I pass this every day as I walk across the scary bridge to my parking area…..but yesterday I actually looked at it. “It” is growing on the side of a kukui (candlenut) tree, consists of layers of paper-like leaves, a “paintbrush” orange appendage, a still-furled fern and feathery green….stuff. I have no idea what it…

Indian Paintbrush

For a minute I thought I was back in Nevada when I saw this growing along the side of Mauna Kea!

Strawberry Guava

Delicious and makes a wonderful fruit wine….but very invasive and considered a major pest to native forest

Mountain Apple

Native to Malaysia, and brought by the original settlers to Hawaii. When fully ripe, looks like a Delicious Apple, but tastes more like a pear


Origin: The Philippines. Also known as star apple. Bite into and suck out the custardy pulp. Yum!


the leaves are 18-24″ long

Sensitive Plant

Touch it….it shrinks! (but not far enough away…as it is a noxious weed….)

Hau Tree

Related to the hibiscus, it has flowers which open yellow, then turn orange to red and drop within one day.


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