I woke this am with a song from South Pacific running through my head. On the way to work I was astounded by this double rainbow (and the while-driving-photo does NOT do it justice….). Just felt like sharing…..  

I fought the horse…..

I intended to do a beach day yesterday, but the (very long) grass needed to be attended to. So I reluctantly mounted the red Toro Timecutter and set off, telling myself I could beach another day this week. Big Red had other ideas though, and threw off its cutter belt, necessitating a trip to big Continue reading


Another PSA: Youtube and Youtube TV (among others) have been problematic on our Roku tv. Constant buffering, sound lagging behind video by several seconds made for very unpleasant viewing. So, as is my wont, I delved deep into Dr. Google and found….in a link buried in a link that linked to another link…..this: “Clear the Continue reading

TTY help

So, Dad is deaf, lives alone and recently lost access to his land-line (something to do with a software change at his condo community: all three-hundred land-line only users have no phone service and AT& T has apparently been less than helpful). He cannot hear through a cell phone due to hearing-aid interference. So he Continue reading

Hit me with your best shot…..

Today is the fifth anniversary of my son Steve’s death from cancer. Some of you may recall the story I wrote about finding a poem he had written to me while I was organizing my music files about a year after his death. Today, as we are preparing to move the music equipment upstairs to Continue reading

Lost and Found: A Poem For Lisa’s Birthday

Every being spends time at the lost and found. You know that place where one glove…..or one earring Or one relationship is thrown into a box in a closet Because one person threw it away or misplaced it or didn’t notice it slipping away.   And you can come into the lost and found and Continue reading


Today would have been my son Steve’s 44th birthday. He died from complications of melanoma skin cancer treatment at age 39. We have a “Steve” wall: it is a narrow slice of wall that can be seen under the large tv that hangs from the ceiling. When I watch tv I look directly at that Continue reading

Smile! (part 2)

So I treated myself to this fancy-dancy underwater camera last year. It took great, clear pictures, but the last couple times out, it either would not turn on, or it did with zoom set to max (not noticed until I tried to process pictures that showed…..nothing but a blur). Then it started working again and Continue reading


Last year, just after the pandemic hit, I lost two fillings. There was no way I was going to let someone dink around in my mouth, so I bought out the town’s supply of temporary filling  stuff. Fast forward a year, and now fully vaccinated, I dared to think that I might get those teeth Continue reading

Aloha means….

….Hello. And goodbye. And I love you. And love, compassion, peace, mercy. And probably some other things too, but these I know off the top of my head. And why am I pointing this out? Earlier this week Pastor Kaitlin called and asked if I would be a lector for the Easter Vigil service. I Continue reading

The Bellero Shield

Many years ago (um, 48 to be exact…) and long before my TV and movie phobia manifested itself, I used to watch the show “Outer Limits.” One episode has literally haunted me for all those 48 years. An altruistic, benign alien comes to earth and someone tries to kill it. It produces a protective shield. Continue reading

Another Funeral

“It’s so nice to see and talk with you!” said Judy, as we met by my car to exchange a package. Obviously there is not much “seeing and talking” going on with the pandemic. “How are the chickens?” she asked as we chatted. “Good,” I replied, adding that we (and numerous chicken-raising friends) had just Continue reading

Hiking the World

So, my New Years resolution is to hike all 193 (or 195 depending on your source) countries of the world. This will be difficult, since I don’t have a passport. But YouTube to the rescue! I have been using the site to take train “trips” recently, and have found them strangely motivating. Why not the Continue reading

The Homecoming

I lost my dog this week. I walked out the “gulch gate” to pick some heliconia for a wreath I was making and both Lily and Akamai followed me out….usually not a problem, but a cat came out from under the bridge….and both dogs took off in pursuit. Akamai (such a good boy….) did return Continue reading

Sleep With Blessings

“When you worry, and you can’t sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep, and you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.” That Christmas song was playing on my computer when the phone call came. Our neighbor, Cliff, had heard the ambulance sirens as they went up our road, had followed to offer assistance, and it was Continue reading


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