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Aloha means….

….Hello. And goodbye. And I love you. And love, compassion, peace, mercy. And probably some other things too, but these I know off the top of my head. And why am I pointing this out? Earlier this week Pastor Kaitlin called and asked if I would be a lector for the Easter Vigil service. I told her that no, I wouldn’t, and explained why. Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of my son Steve’s death from Continue reading

The Bellero Shield

Many years ago (um, 48 to be exact…) and long before my TV and movie phobia manifested itself, I used to watch the show “Outer Limits.” One episode has literally haunted me for all those 48 years. An altruistic, benign alien comes to earth and someone tries to kill it. It produces a protective shield. The would-be killer manages to use the shield for herself, but is unable to lower it and becomes trapped behind Continue reading

Avocado Coconut Ice Cream

Some years we have a LOT of avocado, and like zucchini or tomatoes in the midwest, we annoy our friends and neighbors by trying to gift them some fruit. We just had a wind storm and 40 or more of them were on the ground. After dumping them on our friends, I tried to think of something creative to do with them. ICE CREAM!! 1 quart heavy whipping cream 1 pint half and half 2 Continue reading

Another Funeral

“It’s so nice to see and talk with you!” said Judy, as we met by my car to exchange a package. Obviously there is not much “seeing and talking” going on with the pandemic. “How are the chickens?” she asked as we chatted. “Good,” I replied, adding that we (and numerous chicken-raising friends) had just gone through a prolonged molt, and the now newly feathered chickens had just started routinely laying eggs again. “I’m getting Continue reading


Richardson Beach

I should be dancin’, yeah!

Richardson Beach

Threading the needle

These yoga poses are hard! Richardson Beach

Things are looking up….

Kapoho Tidepools

Richardson Beach

Photos taken at Richardson Beach, Hilo, Hawaii


Richardson Beach

Saddle Butterflyfish

Kapoho Tidepools

Orange Spine Unicornfish

Kapoho Tidepools