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The Rainbow

We woke to the news of hijacked planes crashing into the Pentagon and World Trade Center Towers. A plane crashed in rural Pennsylvania, also hijacked and purposely downed. With the rest of the world, we were riveted to TV and radio, listening in horror as the well-planned attack unfolded. With the rest of the world, we prayed for the victims and their families. We went through our workdays by rote, a numbness permeating everything we Continue reading

Done Too Soon

Today I ran the first leg of the Virtual Boston Marathon. No, I am not an official participant. I am virtually running it over the course of this week in memory of a member of my online running group. Pastor Vincent Trigili had been training to run the real thing, but he died suddenly and unexpectedly in August at the age of 45. Our running group has decided to run it for him. I did Continue reading

Hold On Lisa…..

….there’s a light at the end of that tunnel. I have taken to watching train videos while on the treadmill: someone sets up a GoPro camera in the cab for a driver’s-eye view and I go along for the ride. Er, run. I have traveled from France to Italy. Through the Swiss alps. Capljina to Sarajevo in the Czech Republic. And since I have always dreamed of visiting  New Zealand, today I “ran” from Wellington Continue reading

The Kids are Alright….

….not. I thought I was doing ok thru all this Covid stuff. After all, I am a curmudgeonly stay-at-home-loner who loves nothing more than to sit on my porch macrame swing, or walk on my lanai-located treadmill and watch for whales. I have my husband and our dogs for company. I have my custom made guitalele to practice on to keep my mind active (tho I have recently been slacking…..). I have my chickens for Continue reading

I lusted in my heart…

While searching for CD based games to replace the ones that Mom can no longer use since she had to upgrade to Windows 10, I was stunned to see albums. Vinyl. LPs. There. On the shelf at Wally World. The Beatles.Kiss.Journey.Santana.Even Sinatra. Though I was sorely tempted to buy, better sense prevailed when I decided that Hawaiian humidity, mold and mildew would not be kind to such items. Oh, and we don’t have a turntable…. Continue reading

Don’t it always seem to go….

….that you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone. Like refrigeration. Hawaii is hard on appliances. The constant humidity and resulting rust leads to….premature evisceration of appliances. So it wasn’t really a surprise when we noted over the weekend that things in the freezer compartment weren’t as solid as they should have been. And knowing that living on a lava spewing (tho not currently) rock two thousand miles from anywhere is problematic in the Continue reading

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