Last year, just after the pandemic hit, I lost two fillings. There was no way I was going to let someone dink around in my mouth, so I bought out the town’s supply of temporary filling  stuff.

Fast forward a year, and now fully vaccinated, I dared to think that I might get those teeth looked at. I called the dentist’s office last week to see about getting an emergency appointment (is a year-long problem an emergency?), but I got no reply to my message.

Until this morning….and yes, they could see me today. Dr. M. wrinkled his brows at my story, and my initial xray made him….unhappy. He feared the worst and thought I would need 3 root canals and crowns, but on further exam, he pronounced my mouth (except for those two teeth) in “great shape!” (unlike the rest of me….).  Since January I have been covered by Delta Dental’s Medicare Advantage (minimal maintenance coverage at best)….but I thought I had further dental coverage through my supplement. They called, and lo and behold, I did….and it would cover the two crowns I need. And once he explored the affected teeth, found no need for a root canal. The cost for full mouth xrays, emergency exam, drilling out and then temporary capping two teeth?  $79.00

Last week, Pastor Katlin and Amy the parish administrator took silly selfies which exaggerated the size of their smiling mouths. DH was um….less than impressed. I, however am so happy at fixed teeth, no bill and found insurance coverage….that I will steal a silly  smile and paste it on my own face!