December 2020 Archives

The Homecoming

I lost my dog this week. I walked out the “gulch gate” to pick some heliconia for a wreath I was making and both Lily and Akamai followed me out….usually not a problem, but a cat came out from under the bridge….and both dogs took off in pursuit. Akamai (such a good boy….) did return when I called, but Lily the whippet mix could not resist her inherent hunt/chase instinct, and she was probably already Continue reading

Sleep With Blessings

“When you worry, and you can’t sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep, and you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.” That Christmas song was playing on my computer when the phone call came. Our neighbor, Cliff, had heard the ambulance sirens as they went up our road, had followed to offer assistance, and it was he who called me at work. David had fallen twenty feet from the ladder onto the concrete porch. A two Continue reading

We Wait

The patient was singularly uninterested in self-care, refusing physical therapy, medications and most interventions. They had been hospitalized for months for a life-threatening condition and subsequent complications. When I gave report to the accepting doctor at the rehab facility I pointed out the patient’s lack of interest in participating….in anything…., and opined that any functional recovery would be unlikely given the lack of effort. Physicians wait. We wait for test results to guide therapeutic choices. Continue reading

The Poinsettia

The instructions said that in order to make my Poinsettia bloom again, it needs to spend time outdoors in the summer, then be cut back in the fall, and then experience uninterrupted darkness for at least 15 hours a day until Thanksgiving. Cut the plant back, plant it, dig it up, replant it, place it in a closet, take it out of the closet…the discussion went on for pages. Certainly more work than I wanted Continue reading