Yell first…ask questions later (part II)

I was standing in the lightbulb aisle at the hardware store, scanning the shelves (fruitlessly) for 3-way bulbs. While I scanned, I became aware of the muzac….and realized I was listening to a Christmas song.

It was not even the middle of October, and they were playing “Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella.”

Now, I love me some Christmas carols, and I admit that I have been known to start playing my own holiday files soon after Labor Day…..but NO, stores don’t need to be playing them in the early fall!

I grumbled to myself as I placed the (finally found) bulb in my cart and wandered to the back of the store when I realized the music was following me.

Belatedly, I looked in my waist pouch for my phone….which somehow had butt (or tummy….) dialed my Amazon Music App/Christmas/Bring a torch…..

I sheepishly turned off the music and finished my shopping.

When I got home and it came time for my daily treadmill session, I decided that the hardware music was a sign….and loaded the Christmas file.

“Come thou long expected, Jesus……!”