The Kids are Alright….


I thought I was doing ok thru all this Covid stuff. After all, I am a curmudgeonly stay-at-home-loner who loves nothing more than to sit on my porch macrame swing, or walk on my lanai-located treadmill and watch for whales.

I have my husband and our dogs for company. I have my custom made guitalele to practice on to keep my mind active (tho I have recently been slacking…..). I have my chickens for eggs. My volunteer tomatoes, my container lettuce, my feral avocados…..

I can wait it out. I thought.

But I am also an active member of my church, which, like many churches, is meeting thru FB live. No communion. No choir. No hymns or post-service fellowship.

And I didn’t know how deeply I missed that community….until I saw a priest from St. Anne’s church do a parody of “You’ll be back” from the musical Hamilton.

It is delightful, fun, witty…..and I sobbed all the way through it.

Yesterday, due to rapidly rising cases and hospitalizations here in Hawaii, partial lock-down was reinstated, and our church which last week held its first “live” service in months, will again need to reconsider.

Guess I’ll pull out that guitalele……