August 2020 Archives

The Kids are Alright….

….not. I thought I was doing ok thru all this Covid stuff. After all, I am a curmudgeonly stay-at-home-loner who loves nothing more than to sit on my porch macrame swing, or walk on my lanai-located treadmill and watch for whales. I have my husband and our dogs for company. I have my custom made guitalele to practice on to keep my mind active (tho I have recently been slacking…..). I have my chickens for Continue reading

I lusted in my heart…

While searching for CD based games to replace the ones that Mom can no longer use since she had to upgrade to Windows 10, I was stunned to see albums. Vinyl. LPs. There. On the shelf at Wally World. The Beatles.Kiss.Journey.Santana.Even Sinatra. Though I was sorely tempted to buy, better sense prevailed when I decided that Hawaiian humidity, mold and mildew would not be kind to such items. Oh, and we don’t have a turntable…. Continue reading