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Blood and fluid poured from his wounded side….

…because I couldn’t stop Akamai the wonderdog from pouncing. The Madagascar gecko was crawling on my gitalele, which I had hung from the music stand hook when I took a break from practicing outside. When I again picked it up and saw the lizard, I tried to move him to a different surface, but he jumped to the floor, and the dog tried to have him for lunch. I reached to pick him up, but Continue reading

Blood clots….

….bones heal. Sweat dries. Suck it up. Be a marine. It was one of my favorite sayings when DH was (mostly solo) building our 3600 sq foot, two story house in Nevada. I would come home from work and he would proceed to tell me about his day. How many cut fingers he had suffered, or how many times he dropped tools on his toes….or sustained bumps on the head while he worked in cramped Continue reading