April’s Fools

I grew up in the 1960’s, in a suburb of Detroit. The 60’s saw numerous race-related conflicts, and in 1967 riots broke out in Detroit’s inner city. Mt. Clemens is a town about 30 miles east of Detroit, and we lived there in a semi-rural lake/river community. Our house was actually on an island-bay to our north, lake to the East, river to the south and a small bridged canal on the west was the only access.

So it was not without a little alarm that I one day woke to see armored troop transport vehicles slowly making their way down our (dead end -there is a LAKE at the end of it….) road. Soldiers rimmed the tops of the vehicles, rifles fixed and pointed out. At us. In suburbia. I remember being confused and momentarily terrified thinking “they” were coming to get us!

Today I read of Florida’s (still) packed beaches. Of New Jersey Bar Mitzvahs and engagement parties that police had to break up. Of Lousiana and other states packed Megachurches. Of a Virginia pastor who died of Covid-19 after pooh-poohing it as a hoax and political stunt.

And it occurred to me that perhaps I wouldn’t be as afraid now if I saw an armored transport coming down my street in rural suburbia-if it meant helping keep the a$$hats and April’s Fools from congregating……

My dear friend Diana sent me this Queen Bohemian Rhapsody re-dux, and I couldn’t say it better. Stay at home!