And Now….

….for something completely different (with apologies to Monty Python). Dear friend Lisa called me a prophet when I predicted that Covid 19 could cause hoarding and disrupt supply lines…..and then it started to happen…

But I had jokingly told her I was ready.
I have a breadmaker, flour, sugar and yeast: bread!
I have chickens: fresh eggs!
I have papaya and citrus fruit: dessert!
I have avocado: Guacamole!
I have a garden with lettuce, peas, tomato, corn, pepper, cucumber: Salad!
I stocked up on dog and chicken feed: Happy critters!
I have lilikoi and can make wine: oops. Lilikoi are not producing very well, so what does a dedicated wino do?

Since we’ve lived here, there has been a Jaboticaba tree growing next to the gulch. Only once did it produce a large crop, from which I made…!

I happened to pass the tree last week, and noted it was covered with (still green) fruit. So on Friday I checked again, and was delighted to find two quarts of ripe fruit, and another gallon or so nearly ready.

Plenty to make a batch of wine!

Bread? Check.
Eggs? Check.
Fruit? Check.
Avocado? Check.
Veggies? Check.
Critter food? Check.
Wine……coming. The hard part is the waiting!