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And Now….

….for something completely different (with apologies to Monty Python). Dear friend Lisa called me a prophet when I predicted that Covid 19 could cause hoarding and disrupt supply lines…..and then it started to happen… But I had jokingly told her I was ready. I have a breadmaker, flour, sugar and yeast: bread! I have chickens: fresh eggs! I have papaya and citrus fruit: dessert! I have avocado: Guacamole! I have a garden with lettuce, peas, Continue reading

Grace Found!

The NPR weekend crew was reviewing a children’s book. Scott Simon and Daniel Pinkwater obviously enjoy their periodic interpretations of such literature, and they were particularly animated when they read the book “Little Old Big Beard and Big Young Little Beard.” Listening to the broadcast only peripherally as I drove, I turned the radio up louder as I became engaged in their tale. Big Beard and Little Beard were hunting for their cow. Grace, the Continue reading

More dry bones

The Old Testament reading for last week was from Ezekiel, and told the story of the valley of dry bones. Told by God to prophesy to the bones, he did so, and then he watched as the bones knitted together, then gained flesh and finally had life breathed into them. In the biblical sense of the word, a Prophet is one who receives a divine message and speaks to people on behalf of a deity. Continue reading

April’s Fools

I grew up in the 1960’s, in a suburb of Detroit. The 60’s saw numerous race-related conflicts, and in 1967 riots broke out in Detroit’s inner city. Mt. Clemens is a town about 30 miles east of Detroit, and we lived there in a semi-rural lake/river community. Our house was actually on an island-bay to our north, lake to the East, river to the south and a small bridged canal on the west was the Continue reading