Ruh Roh…(part 2)

So you know when you’re driving along, and a thought enters your mind….which leads to another thought, which then takes you down some rabbit hole?

There I was this morning, driving to the CME conference in town, when I started thinking about cars. We plan to sell or trade both our work cars in for one new one (as I plan to retire…some day…and we don’t need THREE cars-the ‘Vette is not negotiable!)….so thought about buying a “for sale” sign, to post in the back window….and thought of Matthew, who loves the style and color of my car, but doesn’t know how to drive a stick shift….and thought of how I can teach him….and could do so in the parking lot at the college on a weekend…..and how I might need new front tires….but if I’m going to trade, might want to hold off on that….and should I sell/trade before my registration is due? Hey, when is my registration due? January, I think…but my safety check is always due a few months before my registration….September, I think. Hey…isn’t this OCTOBER!?

Got to the conference, looked at my safety sticker which indeed had expired in September, attended all the lectures, which (unusually) were all good, engaging and thought provoking. Cardiology services with TTE and TEE available, and whether patients need to be transferred if no cardiology surgery is available (I WONDER IF I CAN GET A SAFETY CHECK TODAY….)

Radiation oncology referral tips and (IT’S SATURDAY, NO ONE WILL BE OPEN FOR SAFETY CHECKS!)

Urology emergencies, and when to call the urologist STAT….(MAYBE LEX BRODIE IS OPEN….)

Avoid Rat Lung disease by deep frying your lettuce! (I DON’T WANT TO RISK GETTING A TICKET BY WAITING TILL NEXT WEEK!)

At 2:30 the worry about my safety check overran all ability to concentrate on the lectures and I gave up….driving off to Lex Brodie. They were open, but “Oh, sorry, we stop doing safety checks at 1pm on Saturday…but you might check with Cal at ’76 by KTA Grocery…..
….and off I went to Cal’s. Who could….and did….and I am compliant.

So there I was, driving home, wondering if I should get a “for sale” sign….