Hali’a o Kapoho

The lava eruption of 2018 entered Kapoho, destroyed Green Lake, burned homes, and eventually entered and destroyed Kapoho Bay/Kapoho Tidepools.

The tidepools are the first place we stayed at on Big Island. It was here that DH looked at me and said “I’ve never seen you look so happy.” It was here that we decided that Hawaii was calling us to make her our home. It was here that we spent many days/hours exploring the tidepools, picnicking with friends, relaxing on the pahoehoe ledges.

Michael Kumukoa wrote a beautiful song “Hali’a o Kapoho,” (“Fond Memories of Kapoho”) about Wai ‘opae (the tidepools), and sings and plays it here with Lisa Gallishaw Lyon on vocals, and David Hryniuk on drums. Hawaiian translation was done by Kapali and Lisa Lyon
The photos were taken at the tidepools over the period from 2007 until 2018.