We were heading to Mike’s house for band practice. We crossed the Wailua river on the “singing” bridge (named because it is metal/mesh and vibrates (“sings”) when you drive over it. The smell of ocean and seaweed blew through the open window.

We turned onto Waianuenue Avenue, passing the sports bar, the fish place, the ritzy fru-fru place…and fried fish, ginger, and other cooking aromas also entered the car. Kalakoa park was on the left and groundskeepers were cutting the lawn. Fresh cut grass smell joined the others.

While enfolded in those odors I mused how much I would miss those-and other-smells should I suffer some neurological injury affecting my olfactory nerves. That thought had barely formed in my brain when DH suddenly broke the silence.

“Ooh, did you smell that watermelon we just passed?! Mmmmm!”

Great minds smell alike!