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The Sweetest Thing

Today was “deep chicken coop mucking day.” All the (poop encrusted) wood shavings needed to be scooped up from the “poop rail” and replaced. All the (poop encrusted) shavings on the floor needed to be shoveled into bags, removed to the compost pile, and replaced. While I was in the coop area I did some other cleaning up: my volunteer cherry tomato vine (which started on the OUTSIDE of the coop area) had migrated through Continue reading


We were heading to Mike’s house for band practice. We crossed the Wailua river on the “singing” bridge (named because it is metal/mesh and vibrates (“sings”) when you drive over it. The smell of ocean and seaweed blew through the open window. We turned onto Waianuenue Avenue, passing the sports bar, the fish place, the ritzy fru-fru place…and fried fish, ginger, and other cooking aromas also entered the car. Kalakoa park was on the left Continue reading

It’s Impossible

The book was sitting on the shelf where I always place my coffee cup, above the computer that I always work at. It was there on Tuesday. I looked at the cover briefly, then set it down and finished my charting. The book was there on Wednesday, in the same place. It was there on Thursday, also, so after finishing my charts, I picked it up and read the first chapter. “The Phantom Tollbooth,” by Continue reading