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Hen Apron to prevent rooster treading

I noted that one of my pretty Australops (a black Orpington) was losing all the feathers just anterior to her tail, and that her skin was scratched and irritated. A quick search gave me the answer. SHE was HIS favorite, and so his spurs were gouging her skin and tearing out her feathers. Well, another quick search gave me prototypes to make a chicken apron from fleece (which won’t unravel and which does not have Continue reading

God Knew

God knew. He must have known… See, the back story is this. I have been a regular poster on a fitness message board for years. Every month, I posted my running/walking mileage, tried to meet my stated goal, commiserated with follow posters who missed their goals, congratulated those who met goals….We were a tight knit group. When Steve our son died just before the cancer fundraising 5k that he and I were organizing, the message Continue reading