Geezerdom (reprise)

On Wednesday we went to an anniversary celebration. I put on a nice Hawaiian print dress, braided my hair and put on some earrings. On my arrival home I looked in the mirror….and saw a silver earring and a bronze one.

On Thursday I donned my black polka-dot pants, paired them with a rust colored sweater and what I thought was a black shirt. When I took it off at home after the workday…..I noticed it was blue, not black.

On Friday morning I picked up a slat of new barrettes, still clipped to the cardboard from the store. I COULD NOT figure out how to detach them from the cardboard. After an agonizing few minutes I picked up an old barrette, fiddled with it (and still couldn’t unlatch it) until it dawned on me to press the sides, loosening the catch. I wear a barrette almost every day. I then left for work, got 7 miles from home before realizing I had left both my work and my personal phones at home and had to turn back to get them.

Today… I put sweet-n-low in my scrambled eggs and salt in my coffee. Today I didn’t finish my second cup, and went to dump it….in the trash bin instead of the sink right next to it. Today I carried my folder and lunchbag with me to the restroom, planning to leave the hospital right afterward. And walked out of the bathroom without either.

Tomorrow, when I start drooling, please pat my hand kindly and offer me a cup of coffee. Without salt.