Driveway Moments….

Public Radio has what they call their “driveway” moments….where you sit in your car after arriving at your destination to finish listening to a segment. While driving home from work one day I listened to not only a driveway moment, but a “pull off the highway and stop moment….”

It was a story about a man’s funeral, and how it, and the period of time afterward, affected his six daughters.

In my former “FB life” as Chele Hrooster, I posted a link to the story after my son died. There were a few reactions, including a “sad” face….from my son, who had been dead for a year.

Now, you have to listen to the story to understand how profound a thing this was, even though the easy explanation was that Steve’s widow Cassie still occasionally used his phone and mistakenly did so when she responded to my post.

Nevertheless….it was a “why did the hrooster pull off to the side of the road” moment….