The Wall

After 4urmph years of marriage, he has learned that any comment beginning with “you know what would be nice….” portends some construction/redecorating/rejuvenation project in which his cooperation/participation is mandatory.

So, DH demonstrated some restraint when I suggested that what we needed was a wall.

“Yes,” I told him….”a wall on the east end of our lanai.”¬† It would, I reasoned, block all those unsavory elements that pressed against us…unwanted. I had invited people for Christmas dinner, planned to serve it on the large deck, and did not want it to be spoiled by interlopers.

I mean, how could we expect to enjoy the company of our peers when we could be ASSAULTED…yes, ASSAULTED by the unwelcome appearance of a caravan of..unsavory elements.

I mean…..wind might ruffle our hair or disturb¬† the draping of the holly-bedecked tablecloth!

Rain might blow in and dampen our festive celebration of the birth of him who said “whatever you do to these, the least of my children, you do unto me…..”

“If you won’t build me a wall, I will be PROUD to suspend payments on all our other bills!” I told him…

And so….a wall is being built.

And it will be the biggliest, bestest, goodest wall ever built!

I will send the bill for the construction materials to my neighbors….