I Love IT…..

…when a plan comes together.

DH says today was just one of those days when it all works.

My treadmill had stopped “adjusting.”  I could do 3, or 4, or 5….miles per hour. But not 3.8. Or 4.6 (or, on really good days, 5.2). And the stop button er….stopped… working so that I had to lift off the the magnetic key which automatically stopped the thing (and erased the accumulated distance/time measurement).

I checked online and all references said “new control board.”  And though I did search for one, the cost of buying the board almost outweighed the cost of a new treadmill.

“GECKOPOOP!” I suddenly thought, and asked DH to open the motor cover and look for same.

There was plenty.  He “picked” and “pushed” and then brought out the air compressor  (sending Akamai the wonder dog running for the hills….) and lo and behold…..the treadmill again works at full function!

And he replaced the burned out lightbulb in the downstairs walk-in closet. And he replaced the broken deck board that somehow got broken by an errant truck bumper.

And the laundry and dishes were all done and put away.

And the accumulated soda cans were all crushed and packed for recycling.

And the REALLY big screen tv which was upstairs in what WAS the living room but which is NOW our bedroom, was brought downstairs to the NOW living room, exchanged for the smaller tv which was downstairs…..

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me/us!