All creatures…..

Lily and Ewalani each have a large pillow to lay on. Akamai the wonder dog has always chosen to lay on the floor. But age is catching up to him, and we notice he is commandeering one of the pillows when we all sit downstairs and watch TV in the evening.

So, for Christmas, I bought him his own pillow, and hid it away where all the other “treasures” were hid, planning to wrap it and let him open it on the appropriate day.

However, this evening he pushed Lily off her pillow and she was forlorn…….

… I pulled the new pillow out of storage and brought it to Akamai. He immediately lay down on it, then reached over and pulled off the still-attached price tag-and ate it.

I guess that means he won’t let us return it-and now everyone has a comfy pillow to lay on!

Mele Kalikimaka!