December 2018 Archives

Blue Christmas

This year our church hosted a “Blue Christmas” service: one designed for people in mourning, or who have suffered loss, or who deal with depression, or who for whatever reason, just don’t feel up to the typical “festiveness” of the season.  A contemplative service, it offered a message of love, compassion and support without the trappings of HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHOLIDAYS!!!!! Having lost our only child due to cancer recently, I was NOT looking forward to this service. Continue reading

The Wall

After 4urmph years of marriage, he has learned that any comment beginning with “you know what would be nice….” portends some construction/redecorating/rejuvenation project in which his cooperation/participation is mandatory. So, DH demonstrated some restraint when I suggested that what we needed was a wall. “Yes,” I told him….”a wall on the east end of our lanai.”  It would, I reasoned, block all those unsavory elements that pressed against us…unwanted. I had invited people for Christmas Continue reading

All creatures…..

Lily and Ewalani each have a large pillow to lay on. Akamai the wonder dog has always chosen to lay on the floor. But age is catching up to him, and we notice he is commandeering one of the pillows when we all sit downstairs and watch TV in the evening. So, for Christmas, I bought him his own pillow, and hid it away where all the other “treasures” were hid, planning to wrap it Continue reading

I Love IT…..

…when a plan comes together. DH says today was just one of those days when it all works. My treadmill had stopped “adjusting.”  I could do 3, or 4, or 5….miles per hour. But not 3.8. Or 4.6 (or, on really good days, 5.2). And the stop button er….stopped… working so that I had to lift off the the magnetic key which automatically stopped the thing (and erased the accumulated distance/time measurement). I checked online Continue reading

The Thing(s) is Gone (part 2)….

….long live the thing(s). In 1976, I bought a Hammond X5 portable (jobbing) organ.  It was  “portable” in that it could be folded up and carried to gigs-even though it weighed more than 100lbs). Paired with a Leslie 760 speaker (5′ x 3′ and >75lbs)….it was an honorable attempt at the B3 Hammond sound.  It “jobbed” through innumerable weddings, graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, and fests…. And it followed me from Warren, Michigan…to Phoenix, Arizona… Reno, Nevada…to Continue reading