Out, Out Damned Spot……


The beautiful blue splash maran hen that I bought several months ago in order to get the dark chocolate colored eggs they produce,  and which turned out to be a rooster instead of a hen….

……has done a fine job of breeding with my Austrolops.  When I realized she was a he, I hoped that breeding him might pass the almost-black-egg-gene along.

I successfully had two hatchlings a few weeks ago, and like a good mama, I placed them under the red heat lamp in the coop.  The chicks need to be kept warm until they are fully feathered (which takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks).

It was my understanding that chickens don’t SEE the light produced by a red bulb, but….for the last three weeks the rooster has crowed at night. All night. Every night. It’s like a dripping faucet, but not as regular so it’s even more annoying.

Cock a doodle. DOO. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Pause.  Cock a doodle. DOO DOO DOO DOO. Pause.

I am on a ten day stretch at work, and between the long days and lack of sleep, I am getting distinctly crabby. (Yes, even more than usual.)

So, I looked at the chicks yesterday. They have almost tripled in size.  They are fully feathered except for their heads….they have a feather duster “mommy” that they sometimes huddle under. So I pulled the plug, and turned off the heat lamp.

And last night there was blessed silence. Well, until 5am, anyway when the sky started to lighten.

I checked them this morning, and the chicks are fine.

Next clutch that hatches will be raised in the house!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera