A Little Bitty Tear…..

…is all I’ll shed when Sears finally shuts down-it would appear that it will be soon.

….A tear because of the memories of Uncle Fred.  He was a Sears’ repairman, and I remember when that MEANT something, because (in the good ole’ days) one could count on Sears’ quality and “backing” of their products.  He made a good living, supported his family and earned a generous pension which afforded him (and his widow after his death) a comfortable retirement…..

….A tear remembering the “Wish Book.”  It usually appeared in the mailbox in mid-fall.  Brother and I would fight over it, greedily marking pages and making Christmas lists to submit for parental review….

…A tear remembering the thrill of anticipation as all the packages, ordered through “The Wish Book” started to arrive in the mail starting in November or that were ready at the “Catalog Pickup” counter WAY in the back corner of the store….

What I won’t miss is their misogyny. Early in our married lives, DH applied for their credit card at the same time I applied for one. At this time, I had built an extensive (good) credit history, and his… was nonexistent.  Also at this time, my income was twice his.  Despite that, his card was approved for three times the credit limit that mine was.  “Uh…..er…..um….it was because we reviewed the WHOLE family income and uh….his application just came up first. Yeah, that’s why!”

What I won’t miss is being verbally assaulted by salespeople “Looking for a new dryer/refrigerator/stove/washer/vacuum/TV/air conditioner today?!?!?” whenever I happened to walk through the appliance department on my to clothing or domestics. No, dammit, I’m just passing through on my way to the skivvies!

And what I won’t miss is being misled by salespeople who recommend a certain model of item (oh, let’s say a generator to use as power supply for a 5th wheel trailer,) and when it breaks down two months later, being denied a replacement or refund because….I was using it as power supply for a 5th wheel trailer. And then have them accuse me of FRAUD because I used the item that they recommended I buy for the use that I told them I was buying it for. We were building our home at the time and needed everything from garage doors and appliances to dish-towels.  After the generator debacle, Sears got NONE of the money for those purchases.

So, though it may be premature, may you rest in peace, Sears….