Yell first…..

…and ask questions later. That’s always been my motto!

And so I was ready to “yell” today while listening to the news on my way to work.

The first news report quoted somebody as saying they “wished peace and comfort for John McCain’s mom.”  “MOM!” I yelled (to myself). “He was 81 years old….they misquoted that guy-he was surely talking about McCain’s wife Cindy. ”  And then I picked up the paper which told me that McCain’s 106 year old mother was expected to attend his funeral…….

On the same commute, the reporter talked about Aretha Franklin’s funeral. The music “snippet” came on as he broke for station ID. The “snippet” was “I Say A Little Prayer. ”

“What the h e double hockey sticks!” I yelled (to myself).  “That’s a Dione Warwick tune!  Aretha never sang that!”  But Google proved me wrong, as she recorded it in 1968, tho Dione’s 1967 version is the one I remember (and have in my music collection).

To quote Emily Litella:  Never mind.