Time for Pics!

….since I don’t know what else to call this post.


I’ll start with the visual definition of irony.

Went to the post office to pick up a package that Amazon told me had been delivered.  There was no “yellow slip” in the box, so I told the clerk there should be a package.  She searched, found it in the back, and then said “It would help us if you added your box number to your address.”

We get no home delivery in my rural area, and the Post Mistress, a friend of mine, had told me how to list my address to manage deliveries. I pointed to the zip code where I had added my box number as the +4.  “Like this?”  I asked.

“Oh….my bad…” she said.

In my post office box that SAME day was a letter from the USPS instructing rural customers that we should add our box numbers as the +4 code to our zip in order to ensure prompt delivery.

Ok then.


Every female physician I know has a story of being a woman in a male-dominated career.  This is ONE of mine:

Dr. Mr. Testosterone was leaning against the counter at the ward station talking to the wife of a patient. I was seated on the other side writing in a patient chart, wearing my 1990’s power suit with shoulder pads OUT TO HERE, my stethoscope around my neck.

After a few minutes the woman turned to me and said, “Oh, honey, my husband needs his depends changed.”  My reply made her turn literally purple with rage:

“Honey, I”m sure that male physician you are talking to can manage that as well as this female physician can.”

Today, while thumbing through an old New Yorker magazine I came across this cartoon that says it all: