I am not hungry ….anymore.

Years ago, in another life and time, DH was tapped to sing a solo at our church’s Easter Cantata.  He was to portray Judas at the last supper.  His song lyric, sung as Jesus pointed to him as the betrayer, was “I am not hungry anymore.”

I thought of that song yesterday.  I sat next to someone as she ordered breakfast.  She was alone.

“I’ll have 3 eggs, scrambled with brown rice and hash browns. And oatmeal with raisins. Oh, and a muffin-blueberry. And papaya with lemon, a bowl of mixed fruit and a box of raisin bran. A carton of whole milk…..”

….I started to get a full sensation in my stomach as she continued:

“And two whole wheat toast with two tubs of butter. And peanut butter.”

…..I needed to adjust my waistband as it was suddenly feeling quite constricting.

“Could I also have coffee with two packets of sugar, and a glass of cranberry juice?”

…..I stood to leave as I could no longer sit comfortably.

“And a banana. Large, please. ”

I was not hungry…..anymore.