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I am not hungry ….anymore.

Years ago, in another life and time, DH was tapped to sing a solo at our church’s Easter Cantata.  He was to portray Judas at the last supper.  His song lyric, sung as Jesus pointed to him as the betrayer, was “I am not hungry anymore.” I thought of that song yesterday.  I sat next to someone as she ordered breakfast.  She was alone. “I’ll have 3 eggs, scrambled with brown rice and hash browns. And Continue reading

Holy ground

DH posed an interesting thought on the way to church one morning. “If we are supposed to take off our shoes as a sign of respect at home, then why don’t we take our shoes off when entering church?” He was referring to both the Hawaiian/Asian custom of footwear removal before entering a house, as it is considered unclean, as well as the admonition by God as he spoke to Moses at the burning bush:  Continue reading

Yell first…..

…and ask questions later. That’s always been my motto! And so I was ready to “yell” today while listening to the news on my way to work. The first news report quoted somebody as saying they “wished peace and comfort for John McCain’s mom.”  “MOM!” I yelled (to myself). “He was 81 years old….they misquoted that guy-he was surely talking about McCain’s wife Cindy. ”  And then I picked up the paper which told me Continue reading

You’re One of Us

A new acquaintance noticed the tattoo on at my front left shoulder. “Is that a rhino with a mustache?” he asked. I explained that the rhino was my deceased son’s mascot, and that my son had a luxuriant handlebar mustache of which he was very proud, and I wanted a tat to memorialize him. “I told my tattoo artist that and he just kind of ran with the concept…..” It was only later that it Continue reading

Sunset at 69 Beach

Sunset at “69” Beach

“Drift” (wood) The Magic Dragon

At 69 beach, our favorite “parking” spot is in front of this beached “dragon”

Hawaiian sunrise

It Takes A Village……

….to BUILD a village! Can’t be there, but want to help? Donations can be sent to Church of the Holy Apostles 1407 Kapiolani Street Hilo, Hawaii, 96720 Designate your check “For Hale Iki Village”  

Time for Pics!

….since I don’t know what else to call this post.   I’ll start with the visual definition of irony. Went to the post office to pick up a package that Amazon told me had been delivered.  There was no “yellow slip” in the box, so I told the clerk there should be a package.  She searched, found it in the back, and then said “It would help us if you added your box number to Continue reading

Wailea (69) Beach

Just south of famous Hapuna Beach……which is great if you like sand. Lots of sand. Lots and lots of HOT sand….is 69 Beach. Named for the number of the utility pole near its entrance, it is part of the Hapuna Beach State Park system, but much less crowded, has shade from dozens of large keawe (mesquite) trees, has great snorkeling and still plenty sand….(if you want it.)

The Twins

Twin boys were born, but due to circumstances, they needed to be adopted out.  One son was adopted by a family in Spain, the other by an Egyptian family and they never knew about each other. The boys grew up, learned that they were twins, decided to meet, and planned a reunion in Paris.  The press was alerted and a crowd gathered to see the reunion.  Unfortunately, the plane from Cairo was delayed and the Continue reading