Womp, womp

I am a registered independent.  Though an independent, I confess that I lean left…

My son voted for Donald Trump. I remember the shock I felt when he told me he had been listening to Trump’s speeches, and was “impressed with what he had to say….”

I was shocked because we worked hard to instill a sense of fairness, of non-discrimination, of respect for anyone irrespective of color, gender, sexual orientation, background or religion: all of which seemed antithetical to anything Trump espoused(es).

We traveled to see him (our son) as it was clear he was on his death bed…and I (in my fantasy) imagined myself whispering in his ear “you bastard….you voted for that jerk and now you are leaving us to deal with it!”

Of course, I didn’t get the chance to whisper that, because Steve died an hour before we arrived, but I often wonder what he would think of “what he wrought.”

I recently spent an evening slogging through the comments at Newsweek regarding Sarah Huckabee Sanders being asked to leave the Red Hen Restaurant by its owner because she works for, and is press secretary for President Trump.

There were numerous comments which said “Womp, womp,” and I needed to learn what that “meant.”

From the Urban Dictionary:
1. Womp Womp: A lighthearted phrase that indicates a loss.; A sound of loss heard on a gameshow. (first womp is a higher frequency sound than the second womp)

2.Womp Womp:Whatever makes you feel good.

…but this is the one that hit home as it seemed to best exemplify the apparent disdain with which Trump and his associates hold anyone who doesn’t look like them:

3. Womp Womp
Used after awkwardsituations/getting hurt
Did you call me a bully?…womp womp…
…and it reminded me of one of my (few) “artistic” attempts…drawn while he (Trump) was still campaigning and vilifying anyone non-white/non-“christian” and non-rich….