….heal thyself. I’ve often used that phrase in jest, but this time…..I meant it. For two months I’ve woken with neck pain, which then persists throughout the day.  There isn’t an associated headache. There is no arm weakness. There is no numbness or tingling (which would alert me to possible spinal cord compression from…..something bad. Just….a pain in the neck. I would hang my head over the edge of the bed to force traction. DH obliged occasionally by pulling my chin and occiput up-essentially lengthening my cervical spine and relieving the pressure.

It had become so bothersome that I actually thought I would need to see a doctor….other than the one reflected in my mirror as I brush my teeth!

A few nights ago I woke at 4am when the rooster (damned rooster….) decided to announce the morning.  My neck of course, hurt.  But I realized that my head was smashed up against the headboard, forcing my neck into an unnatural position.

“Eureka!” I yelled.  (Well, ok, I THOUGHT it loudly.  It was only 4am after all, and I didn’t want to scare DH out of his wits….or his pajamas.)

A $10 king sized pillow placed under the foam mattress topper solved my neck problem by raising my head just enough to keep me from sliding into the headboard due to our old, saggy mattress.


New mattress….ordered.