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Richardson’s Beach, Hilo

Snorkeling pics from Richardson’s Beach, a small black sand beach in Hilo, Hawaii  

Cancel my membership….

T has worked at the hospital for years….and we have never been on great terms. It’s not that we quarreled or had bad words, just that I felt she didn’t find me to her taste. When we pass in the hall, we nod and smile…but the smiles never seem to reach our eyes. Today she was just turning the corner as I came into the building, and I headed toward the doctor’s lounge. As I Continue reading

She Ain’t Rose….

My dear friend Pedar Wold was a music collector. He had thousands of CD’s and he loved to share them. One he gave me was a collection of Leon Redbone songs, including “She ain’t Rose.” The lyrics to the refrain are “She ain’t Rose , she ain’t bad, and Rose ain’t here…” ….and I thought of that song while I snorkeled at 69 Beach today (so named because it is at telephone pole #69….).  Losing Continue reading

Aloha, Kapoho

The lava eruption of 2018 has entered Kapoho, has destroyed Green Lake, is burning homes, and is (as of this writing, 6/2/18) threatening to enter Kapoho Bay/Kapoho Tidepools. The tidepools are the first place we stayed at on Big Island.  It was here that DH looked at me and said “I’ve never seen you look so happy.”  It was here that we decided that Hawaii was calling us to make her our home. It was Continue reading